New Zealand, Is it the next Silicon Valley?

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New Zealand, soon after you heard the name, you'll most probably remember mysteries Hobbits, Misty dark valley of Mordor or the surprising similarity of Peter Jackson and a Hobbit. But once you travel through the timeline of unknown history of man kind, Man landing on moon ,Steve Jobs announcing the first I phone to the time frame that we are currently living upon, a time that almost all our task depend on the technology one way or another, You will  realized New Zealand is the best in business when it comes to the accommodating to Tech startup Companies.

Why am I saying this?? Well to prove my opinion I am certainly not going to give you a bunch of statistic or numbers.Yes New Zealand is first in that list,second in another, etc...Well good for them.
But just because bunch of numbers suggest it's good, does not guarantee you are in a complete safe hand.Instead I give you social impact on a business, target customer market, how hard it is you to reach them and the loyalty of customer which in my opinion most important one of all above. 

I really can't give you an exact reason for this, but kiwi people are so loyal to the local products. I give you an one good example on this. Silver Stripe. A CMS software  just like wordpress. early as 2003 they won a New Zealand software award and since then they never look back. Currently all the government websites use this as there choice of CMS and almost all the nz private sector companies that use a CMS software tend to use silver stripe. If you are a software developer in New Zealand you must have silver stripe skill in your disposal but not so much wordpress. This is not because Silver Stripe is better than wordpress or other way around. It is just Island have a Good product of there own and they are more than happy to work with it rather than going for a foreign product.

This will give you an idea about how New Zealand market works. They back their own. Government to ordinary farmer back in old village, they back their own. May be it is because their isolated location on world map or it is just their behavior. What ever the reason it works well for local startups. Because they need solid and loyal customer base to grow up. Yes it is only 4 million population but it will soon back up with Australian market and UK market. So all you need to do is make kiwis fall in love with your products and soon you'll have a heck of a loyal customer base and you are ready to grow further and touch the moon.
Isn't that the dream of every Start up entrepreneur ?

For me New Zealand have three main cities. Auckland the giant in the Kiwi land, Wellington the cool little capital, Christchurch the upcoming young lad who never give up.Well there is lot of talking and arguing about what is the best city in the New Zealand. Aucklander's will say It's the Auckland the great and wellingtonian will say It's them, Capital the awesome.Well I am certainly not going to argue with any one of them, Because for me each of all those three above have  lot of potential and give unique opportunity of their own.

Kiwi people have outgoing personality by nature but also same as every European country they are very tech heavy people and the country got money. People have money to spend on the products that are not essentially required for their daily routine. Believe me, these to have big say on the Tech startups.

you have a tech savvy loyal customers with money, what else you need, a business friendly government and infrastructure that support the industry. Well New Zealand government did the fine job in building those elements to attract the international attention. I have no personal experience regarding this but little research on  internet suggest that you can register a business within two working days. It's pretty damn good, Ay mate ??

At last but not least the life style of the Island is amazing.If you want to become next multi million company you need pretty niffy employers in your disposal. specially if you are you make good first impression on those nerdy Programmers, who like free life style and plat culture, will definitely impress by the working distance beaches from anywhere in the country, friendly and outgoing nature of the natives and the delicious foods and tasty coffee shops around the every street corner.   

So If you are an entrepreneur looking for a place to setup your next Tech startup, I would like to suggest you to take a good look at beautiful little island at bottom of your world map.

Chaos Guys..  

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